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Talking Local Business Events

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Find out how you can maximise your valuable time in just one morning

At a location near you, you can get a condensed, business focussed briefing on the issues and technologies that are important to companies like yours.

BT’s networking and IT solutions are designed to help your business perform better.

Talking Local Business Event can help you

* Cut the cost of communicating

* Keep your business flexible

* Deliver results

* Stay ahead of the competition

There is also the opportunity to meet and ask questions of the technology experts in a hands-on demonstration area. We know that you need to get back to running your business. That’s why we’ve condensed as much information and practical advice as we can into a single morning – so you can get the best return on the time you invest.

BT Local Business
To find where your nearest BT Local Business is, simply enter your post code below.

Some of our recent delegates said

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‘It was all excellent. A tiptop event. I learned a lot I think can be useful for our business. I think there’s a lot of ways we can take some of the hassle out of our whole IT set-up’

‘Some of our suppliers have asked us to go onto broadband, so I went to find out more about it and was impressed with what I saw. Saw lots of things I liked, in fact, and decided to order both broadband and a new phone system’

‘The sense of humour of the presenters was a refreshing change. I thought it was all very informative and presented in a way, an easy level, that everyone could get into’

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